Operation & Procedure Manuals


Ship owner clients will be provided Safety & Quality Manuals comprising:-

  •  Main Shipboard Manual
  •  Fleet standing instructions
  •  Safety Manual
  •  Technical Manual
  •  Drugs and Alcohol
  •  Company Forms
  •  Contingency and Emergency Manuals
  •  Specific Ship Type Manuals (e.g. Tankers, Bulk Carriers, LPG)


  •  Fleet Personnel
  •  Operations
  •  Technical
  •  Shore Emergency Response Plan
  •  Accounts


Audits to maintain accreditation is carried out yearly for the office to update and comply with dynamic quality systems in line with international changes.


Annual internal audits are carried out for the company office and ships managed using company staff. These audits will be reviewed by the auditor during the external audit.


MACNALINK has the capability and staff trained in anti-pollution measures as laid down under MARPOL and OPA 90. This provides value-added services for the discerning ship-owner.


MARPOL is the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Convention for the Prevention of pollution of the seas from vessels. 

Under MARPOL all ships are required to have a Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan, SOPEP.

SOPEP contains information on actions to be taken when there is an actual or probable discharge as a result of an incident or an accident.

All emergency plans are vessel-type specific and approved by Classification Society on behalf of the Flag Administration.

MACNALINK provides ship owners with approved SOPEP. 

OPA 90

The United States Oil Pollution Act 1990 (OPA 90) provides pro-active procedures for oil spills  in US Waters.

Under OPA, vessels are required to have a detailed Vessel Response Plan (VRP), (which is ship specific) a Qualified individual who is authorised to initiate any spill response in US Waters, a spill management team or contractor, and provide emergency response information.

MACNALINK provides the entire OPA 90 requirements.


Vessel-owners can avail total and professional ship management services with consultancy in related fields through MACNALINK.


MACNALINK offers accurate costings and budgets to clients on the full range of its services.

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